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Cylinder Head Skimming & Block Skimming

Throughout the years skimming or “surface grinding” as its more commonly known as has been very effective in the growth of the company. We very much like using the well-known brand “Berco” which is an Italian based company who specialise in engine reconditioning machines just like this one show in the picture. This is what we use for skimming our cylinder heads, blocks & some manifolds. For alloy cylinder heads we use a diamond tipped tool and can offer a clean almost like mirror reflection on your surface we are grinding. For cast iron heads and blocks we use the other “Berco” grinder with the stone cutters. For some of the older and marine cylinder heads you find these are angled, this is Not a problem as we have a “roll over” bar to accommodate this. Our engineers have over 25 years’ experience on these machines and have a great Knowledge about them.


Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing a cylinder head is basic and simple to do but we do much more than that! With our pressure testing equipment, we can make sure we can find any cracks on your cylinder head whether they are internal or external.

We use an oil-based flatbed that can accommodate all cylinder heads ranging from your normal everyday passenger car all the way up to large commercial & marine engines.

Vacuum Testing

Vacuum testing is a complex but simple way of checking your valves are seated correctly and to show if there are any gaps between the seat and the valve. Most gaps occur when a valve has been previously burnt out or that the cylinder head has been “cooked” or got hot, this is commonly found in alloy-based cylinder heads. A simple fix to this is to re-seat the valves until the vacuum pressure is up.



We have two types of cleaning machines in our premises one being this, a paraffin parts cleaner from “Safety Kleen”. With a metal bristle brush pumping paraffin whilst cleaning this is a very effective way of removing grease and carbon build up on parts, block & cylinder heads.

We have regular paraffin changes by Safety Kleen and waste removal as we are high on environmental safety and keeping green.

Hot Bath Washing

Whilst we use a paraffin-based cleaning machine this sometimes isn’t enough to remove all dirt, grease & carbon, so we use a non-chemical hot bath from Bupi-Cleaner which uses very powerful jets that spray hot but not boiling water from all angles giving it one mega cleaning. To give an indication on how big a part we could clean inside this, we have cleaned the likes of commercial Volvo, DAF, Scania & Cummings 6-cylinder head’s & blocks.


Valve Seating

Valve seating is a common practice amongst engineering firms, most tend to use a machine to re-seat their valves, but we do not! Hand lapping has been in our company since we started and do not intend in changing. We find that using a machine to lap your valves in may be quicker and easier but can sometimes not be sufficient enough to seat them & most of the time is a noisy and unpleasant way of getting the job done. As well as using good old-fashioned techniques we use what we think is the best grinding paste compound out there from Loctite, which has to be shipped in from the U.S.A.

Seat Cutting

Valve Seat Cutting is a specialised job that we carry out in house. We use a special machine called a “Mira Centronic” which uses a metal magnetic base, with very intelligent tech inside the “Mira” it lets itself centralize to the valve seat in question and can give a perfect cut. After we have done this process we can fit your new valve seat and machine it down to size in our crank grinder to give a true fit. We use Loctite to bond the seat to the machined area and give it a lapping-in / re-seat to get your valve to vac up again.


Stud Repair

One of our popular services is our stud removal & repair service. We use a Drilling / Milling machine that extracts the broken stud with out destroying the surrounding areas. Once the stud is removed we start repairing by cleaning out any excess debris left inside on removal. Sometimes it is common to have to use a “Helicoil” or “Re-Tap / Re-Thread” to get a true fit for the new stud, this is easily done.

Injector Removal

This again is very popular, regardless of shape or size, injectors become easily stuck and are often hard to remove. This is a common problem among all makes and models of vehicle, and is caused by various factors, such as carbon build up, corrosion, and electrolytic reactions between different material. With some injectors not giving up so easily, they often come out in several parts. Although we cannot guarantee the success of any removal job that we do, we do have a high success rate. We aim to get the job done no matter how stubborn.


Crank Grinding

Crank grinding is probably the most critical and important components in any engine and must meet an extremely high degree of accuracy. For this reason, grinding a crankshaft is one of the most skilled jobs performed when remanufacturing your engine. Once re-ground, your crankshaft will meet the stringent tolerances for your journal diameter, ovality straightness and surface finish as laid down by the bearing manufacturers generally. Replacement bearings are available in oversize’s or undersize for the old schoolers.

Crank Polishing

We have a wide range of services available including crankshaft polishing. This is when the journal or journals in question are at a standard size or within the standard tolerance from the bearing supplier’s specifications. It’s a very effective way to keep your standard crankshaft running accurately, and you’re keeping the crankshaft at a standard size improves stability and will not weaken the shaft.


Block boring & honing

Block boring is a simple but effective way to solve any issues you may have for example, if your engine seizes due to lack of oil or lubrication to the cylinders it can damage the walls and will cause your engine to lock up. This will require the block to be re-bored. We offer a wide selection of sizes from STD, 0.25mm (10’), 0.50 (20’), .75 (30’) & all the way up to 1mm (40’). We can provide performance engines with bigger sizes forged pistons and rods to suit if you require them.

A Smoking engine is a huge sign that the piston or the piston rings need replacing, you will normally find a loss of horsepower due to lack of compression in within the cylinder, this can easily be resolved by removing the block and giving it a re-bore or if your lucky enough to get away with it, replacing the piston rings and giving the block a hone out would sort this.

We also provide cylinder liner replacements for when the job is beyond a re-bore or honing. We can even have liners made to size for any vehicle no matter how big or small, these normally are made within a week of ordering, Made to a very high quality we can reassure you are buying the best.


Commercial Cylinder Head Work

We do a wide range of commercial work on engines from the likes of Volvo, Scania, MAN, DAF Trucks, Mercedes, Cummins & More. Services available for the larger components are, Surface Grinding, Pressure Testing, All Valve Work Including Valve Seat repair’s, or Replacements. Parts are easily available to order but most parts like gaskets, bolts, stem oil seals, valves etc are on the shelf.

Marine Cylinder Head Work

Most marine engines come from the likes of Volvo, Cummins, Mercedes & Kubota most of these engines can be found in commercial vehicles currently on the road today so, parts again are easily available for them and doing any machining on them is the same as doing it on a commercial engine so no major worry. We can supply the same services on marine engines as we do with the commercials.

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